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The Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship

The Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the Gulf Coast Harpers Association (GCHA) in memory of Cynthia Cooper, a beloved and talented harpist and teacher and vibrant part of the Houston harp community for many decades. Mrs. Cooper was a founding member of the Gulf Coast Harpers Association and was an active member and officer for many years.

The scholarship covers the Summer Harp Festival Tuition of $400 for one participant each year.

In order to receive the Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship, both the student and his or her teacher must be current members of the Gulf Coast Harpers Association. For details about scholarship requirements, please contact festival director Kimberly DeRosa at

The scholarship winner will be asked to prepare a video of a piece they have recently prepared for performance and a short narrative of their experience as the scholarship recipient and what that experience meant to them. This video will be posted to the GCHA website's page about the scholarship and on our Facebook page.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is June 1, 2016.

For more information see the Festival Web Page.





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